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Ketlyn || 17 || Female || Student

Hello hello! I'm a student who draw as a hobby and sometimes drop some fanarts here. If you want to ask something or just talk, fell free to do so. I may be a bit slow to reply because I'm a bit shy and I have an bad habit of going on hiatus without warning. But I like to talk... so.. yeah. Talk to me ;v;


☆ RP groups ☆

:icono0nightmareacademy0o: :iconhappy-tails:
Kuro | Louis

☆ Lovely people with awesome art ☆
(aka friends and inspirations)
:icontsukiharu: :iconnightmareinspections: :iconcaesol: :iconnotlucy: :iconmadhatter2k13: :iconscythevale: :iconjayolin:
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Illustration | soft shade
My own little galaxy by kommoyThyhiru
NA Assignment - Kuro's Valentine Card by kommoyThyhiru
Just put me down already by kommoyThyhiru
Kiriban Prize by kommoyThyhiru
- Simple background by default
- 3000 points per extra character in the same drawing ( max. 3 )
Full body | soft shade
Bleh by kommoyThyhiru
- Background can be transparent, blank or with some random colored features
- 2500 per extra character in the same drawing ( max. 3 )
Half body | soft shade
Louis - Rp Tracker by kommoyThyhiru
- Background can be transparent, blank or with some random colored features
- 1000 per extra character in the same drawing ( max. 2 )
Headshot | soft shade
Black and Write by kommoyThyhiru
- Background can be transparent, blank or with some random colored features
- 800 per extra character in the same drawing ( max. 2 )
Chibi | soft shade
I'll curse you now, 'kay? by kommoyThyhiru
- Blank background by default
- 700 points per extra character in the same drawing ( max. 5 )
Chibi | *Sketch lineart* | soft shade
Scrap442 A by kommoyThyhiru
- Blank background by default
- 500 points per extra character in the same drawing ( max. 5 )


Underwater Dance by kommoyThyhiru
Underwater Dance
Soot Sprite Star Rain .:: Happy Birthday Night!! ::.Soot Sprite Star Rain 
:iconnightmareinspections: :iconnightmareinspections: :iconnightmareinspections: :iconnightmareinspections: :iconnightmareinspections:

Hope you had an awesome year and that more and more happiness comes to your life \(;7;)/
Like last year my present is a drawing of this lovely couple. Hope you like it!! ;v;

( Let's just... not think about how Harvey is breathing underwater okay QvQ I just wanted some cute fluffy and happy merman and and hhhhhgsdfahdsg-- sorry I have no excuses //hides somewhere )
btw harvey, you better not do what you are about to do to poor joe in the comic alright ;A; think about hiiiim. and the consequences. don't do thatt Q A Q

Just put me down already by kommoyThyhiru

Art by kommoyThyhiru
Harvey and Joesph are from the comic Boys like you, by NightmareInspections
Never trust a pretty sorcerer by kommoyThyhiru
Never trust a pretty sorcerer
Hi hi! ( ; v ; )/
I know I have not been active in DA for a while but I'm trying to come here more often from now on ;7;

This means I intend to continue to rps and that more drawings are coming from the old ones! \õ/
But now what I'm bringing is one of my few female characters. I have seen so many beautiful gijinkas of dragons from flight rising that I wanted to make one too. This girl here is Pana, my fae. She's kinda the healer of the clan (not really, since she causes more troubles than anything and on purpose) but yeah. Keep your pride down and respect her if you don't want poison suddenly appearing in your water or food Q~Q

Pana (c) kommoyThyhiru
2014 Art Summary by kommoyThyhiru
2014 Art Summary
2014 was an hard year for drawing. I didn't have much time because of studies
But even so I'm happy with what I have made
Hope you guys have enjoyed my art this year even though there has not been any improvement ;v;

Gotta work harder on 2015 to compensate!! \õ/

2013 Art Summary by kommoyThyhiru2012 Improvement by kommoyThyhiru
.:  ~ Happy New Year ~ :. by kommoyThyhiru
.: ~ Happy New Year ~ :.
 :icontsukiharu: :icontsukiharu: :icontsukiharu:
For my useless senpai in hopes she becomes less useless this year.
Happy new year!!!
( /u v u)/ 

You better appreciate this tsukiharu because I even scheduled this drawing to be post on the right time so I wouldn't lose this date as well 
( To those who don't know I made gifts for a lot of my friends for christmas, but sadly couldn't finish and give them because of a sudden family travel orz I simply lost the will to finish them now because... well... it's pretty late )

And I know you would pretty much prefer a fanart of oikawa but this bby here is a cutie and I needed to draw him at least one time Q 7 Q
//gimme him

Riley (c) tsukiharu
Art by kommoyThyhiru

Three trades done!

Mon Dec 22, 2014, 6:44 PM

The trades from the journal I made some days ago are finished!!! :iconimdedplz:
I was worried because my family suddenly decided to travel right before Christmas, and ohgod, if we did travel before i finished everything I would be so so worried. Because usually our trips last all the vacations and I wouldn't have access to my tablet and a computer all the time. Luckily everything went alright and here they are
Art Trade - Rin by kommoyThyhiru Art Trade - David by kommoyThyhiru AT - Lesson under moon's light by kommoyThyhiru

Also today I finally received the result from vestibular (Brazilians will understand. I don't know what you guys call those stressful tests) and Yeeeahh!! Next year I'm going to university!! (civil engineering)
Today was a good day. Really a good day~ :iconnashablushplz: 

And maaaaan-----!! take a look at all those amazing drawings I got in return from the trades~~~~ I still can't stop looking at this preciousness :iconjustwhyplz:
AT - Louis by Heikky Alex by CrispyGray [ Trades ] Hound Dog by NightmareInspections

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